How to Crack UGC NET – 15 Proven Tips & Tricks from Real Aspirants

How to Crack UGC NET?

This is the most-asked question by the National Eligibility Test aspirants. Why wouldn’t it be?

As per the University Grant Commission (UGC) reports of UGC-NET December 2019, only 6% of candidates have been declared NET qualified. This figure is abysmal since 10.34 lakh candidates filled in the online application form for the December exam.

So, you might have these questions in your mind – “Is it that hard to crack the NET exam in the first attempt?” “Will it take years clear considering the huge competition?”

This is natural. As a NET aspirant, you must understand cracking the entrance exam is not that easy. It takes hard work, dedication, strong determination and perseverance. While these attributes are highly required, you cannot overlook certain proven strategies. Let us give you a few instances –

There’s this guy named Anjan Barik who’s been appearing in the NET exam for the last 6 years. I spoke to him and asked the reason for his failure. He pointed at the Paper-II subject (English), lack of UGC NET preparation materials and understanding the vast NET syllabus. Yes, English is a vast subject. It has fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, language (concept, theory and pedagogy), literary criticism, literary theory, cultural studies, research method in English and more. Even after studying for 5 hours every day, he couldn’t taste the fruit of success. He’s still looking for the answer to “how to crack UGC NET English”.

At the same time, I spoke to two other candidates (Abhilipsa Das and Sameer Dikshit) who did crack the exam in their first attempt. Upon asked, they shared their secrets, strategies, tips and tricks to ace the exam.

Go through the article until the end and equip yourself with all the secret mantras to clear the exam.

15 Mantras for How to Crack UGC-NET in First Attempt

If you are appearing in the UGC NET 2021 exam (December 2020 cycle), go through the article until the end and equip yourself with all the secret mantras to clear the exam.

  1. Latest Syllabus and Understand Exam Patterns: If you haven’t got your hands on the latest and complete UGC-NET syllabus, this is the first thing to do while preparing for the NET exam. It has two papers – Paper I and II. Paper-I is compulsory and consists of “General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude”. Paper-II is subject-related. It should be the one that you have studied in your PG. Heading over to the exam pattern – you will have Paper I (50 questions) and Paper-II (100 questions). Since each question carries two marks, the total marks sum up to 300. There is no negative marking for the incorrect answers. The duration of the exam is 3 hours (no break).
  2. Refer to Good Study Materials and Prepare Notes: No matter how vast your syllabus is, it is a must to cover all topics. I don’t want to discourage you, but the truth is unless you cover the entire syllabus you wouldn’t be able to clear your concepts. The best way to do this is to refer to good UGC NET books and study materials. Today, UGC-NET online study materials are available. Spend some time preparing notes. This way you will be able to revise everything in a quick time. Short notes help you remember things, facts and points. Under important headings and highlights.
  3. NET Exam Analysis: “How can I analyse the exam?” Okay, so, you need to go through the UGC NET previous years’ question papers and understand the frequency of repeated questions. This will help you make exam-ready.
  4. Teach Someone: What about teaching someone? This is probably one of the most effective ways that I know previous years’ candidates have adhered to and succeeded, eventually. This is the best way to test your skill and knowledge. Not only will it increase your cognitive power, but also teaching can inculcate confidence in you. You will be able to memorise things easily you have taught. Be it solving tough questions or helping others understand difficult topics, ultimately you will be befitted.
  5. How to Manage Your Time? Time management is key. It is an inevitable skill that you must possess if you are serious about clearing the NET 2021 exam in the first attempt. On the day of the exam, you are confident because you have done your preparation so meticulously. But, what happens in the exam hall is unfortunate as you fail to finish the paper on time. Since you have limited time to answer all the questions, start with the section you find easy and comfortable. This way, you can save more time for the tough ones.
  6. Be a Smart Player and Update Yourself Regularly: You just can’t be someone who’s only reading without knowing the purpose. Hard work is very important to achieve goals. But, it also demands a little bit of smartness as you are preparing for one of the toughest government exams in India. Make sure you keep yourself updated with the latest news about the exam. Say, for example, the NTA UGC NET 2021 exam has been postponed due to the recent COVID-19. If you don’t keep a track of it and get worried about downloading the UGC NET admit card and other stuff, this will only increase your mental stress. Understanding the subject well and the kind of questions coming will help you stand ahead of others.
  7. Clear Concept (No More Rote Learning): Who has watched “3 Idiots”? This particular film has changed many students’ lives as it taught how important it is to follow your passion. The protagonist entirely focused on getting the “concept clear”, rather than on rote learning. As per Wikipedia, “Rote learning is a memorisation technique based on repetition.” When you memorise something forcefully without understanding it properly, there is a chance of forgetting it. If your concept is clear, it will not easily get erased from your memory. Since the NET syllabus is vast, understanding each chapter will help answer all questions without stumbling.
  8. Divide Chapters into Categories: Obviously, all of you want to pass the UGC-NET exam with flying colours. This is great. If you don’t know how to achieve this goal, categorise all the chapters into three sections – Very comfortably, okay-okay and not comfortable. Let’s elaborate on this for your understanding – as you begin your preparation, you find some of the topics quite easy. Such topics don’t take much of your time. You get a stronghold of it. There are certain topics that you find comfortable understanding, but time-consuming. So, this is ‘okay okay. The next set of topics are hard to understand. So, they are ‘not comfortable’. Work on the weaker sections as much as possible. That’s it.
  9. Online Mock Tests, Previous Year Papers, Sample and Solved Papers: Yes, very, very important. To ensure you are doing great with all the topics, start practising mock tests and UGC NET previous years’ question papers. You should highly be dependent on these to test your knowledge. Online tests come in real handy to assess your skills.
  10. Have Your Own Strategy: You have done all the preparation. You have heard of the experts and their way of preparing for the exam. Okay, that’s cool! But, if it seems that their strategies are hard to crack, devise your own. It is simple. You only know what works best for you.
  11. Revision Is Mandatory: You don’t have to wait until you finish all the topics of your subject and then revise. No, it doesn’t have to be like that. If you complete even one chapter, revise it. Make revision a habit. And a good habit is hard to quit, too. Since you are preparing short notes separately, take a quick overview of them before entering the UGC-NET exam hall.
  12. Discuss with Friends and Teachers: Like the way you used to do in school and college, you will have to stick to the same rules here as well. Talk to your friends, discuss with them and if you have any doubt, you can even ask your Graduation and Post-Graduation teachers.
  13. Indulge in Outdoor Sports: Don’t be a bookworm! You got to go outside and play with friends. Participating in outdoor activities like playing with friends and working out help relieve mental stress and rejuvenate your body and mind. Those who spend a couple of hours in outdoor activities are healthier and good at remembering things.
  14. Take Regular Breaks: Take time to time breaks! If you can’t go outside and partake in some sports, this is a good way to relax and stay energetic. Also, drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy diet – that’s it!
  15. Be Confident and Wear a ‘Can Do’ Attitude: Picture this – you have done all the studies, prepared every bit of it, gone through the syllabus and understood all the concepts. Aren’t you feeling more confident than before? And, you need to carry this confidence to the exam hall as well. Be confident and showcase a ‘can do’ attitude. This feels good.

UGC NET Preparation Strategy – Ultimate Guide

Whether you are looking for information on how to prepare for UGC NET in 3 months or how to prepare in one month, follow the above ultimate guide for sure success. In addition, I’m giving little more insights into Paper I and II subject-wise preparation strategy.

How to Prepare NTA UGC-NET Paper-I 2021 –

The UGC-NET Paper-I assesses the teaching and research ability of the candidate. He/she must showcase his teaching skills, general awareness and cognitive abilities.

Sections Questions Marks
Research Aptitude 5 10
Teaching Aptitude 5 10
Communication 5 10
Reading Comprehensive 5 10
Reasoning 5 10
Reasoning (including Maths) 5 10
Data Interpretation 5 10
People & Environment 5 10
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 5 10
Higher Education System: Governance, Polity & Administration 5 10
Total 50 100

Let’s Delve Deep and Understand Each Section

  • Research Aptitude: You must be ready to face questions related to research and various methods of doing it. You must showcase your proficiency in the following areas – Research: Meaning, Characteristics and Types; Paper, Article, Seminar, Symposium, Workshop and Conference; Research Ethics; and Thesis Writing: Characteristics & Format.
  • Teaching Aptitude: Implementing teaching methods, techniques and principles will be the key to the ‘teaching aptitude’ section. Some of the key topics to cover in this section are – Teaching: Objectives, Nature, Characteristics and Basic Requirements; Factors Affecting Teaching; Learner’s Characteristics; Teaching Aids; Teaching Methods; and Evaluation Systems.
  • Communication: How effective you communicate with your students will matter significantly. It is the ultimate process of imparting ideas, information, thoughts, etc. The main Communication areas to cover include Effective Classroom Communication, Barriers, Characteristics, Nature and Types.
  • Reading Comprehensive: The best way to improve your reading skills is to read every day. Magazines, feature stories, newspaper, editorials, etc. will help.
  • Logical Reasoning: Reasoning can be tricky. It tests your thinking and problem-solving skills. The key topics are – Verbal Classification; Evaluating, Distinguishing, Deductive and Inductive Reasoning; Understanding the Structure of Arguments; Venn Diagram; Reasoning Logical Diagrams: Simple Diagrammatic Relationship and Multi-Diagrammatic Relationship; and Analytical Reasoning.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: The main topics you need to cover include – Classification; Letter Series; Number Series; Codes; and Relationships.
  • Data Interpretation: If your concepts of Ratios and Percentages are clear, you are going to score well in this section. Below topics would test your proficiency – Quantitative and Qualitative Data; Sources, Acquisition and Interpretation of Data; and Graphical Representation and Mapping of Data.
  • People & Environment: How well do you understand and acquaint yourself with living beings and their environment? You will be tested in these topics – People and Environment Interaction; Natural Hazards and Mitigation; Pollutants and Their Impact on Human Life, Exploitation of Natural and Energy Resources; and Sources of Pollution.
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT): An extensional term for IT, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) deals with unified communications, computers (necessary enterprise software, audio-visual systems, storage and middleware) and the integration of telecommunications. Questions will come from Quantitative and Qualitative Data; Sources, Acquisition and Interpretation of Data; and Graphical Representation and Mapping of Data.
  • Higher Education System: Governance, Polity & Administration: Questions that you get in the exam from this section would be Value Education; Formal and Distance Education Professional/Technical and General Education; Concept, Institutions and Their Interactions; Structure of the Institutions for Higher Learning and Research in India; and Governance, Polity and Administration.

How to Prepare NTA UGC-NET Paper-II 2021?

The second paper is your favourite paper. What I meant is that you have chosen this subject, which you had studied in the Post-Graduation. It should be easier for you to score high in NET Paper-II.

NTA UGC-NET 2021 Exam (Update)

The National Eligibility Test 2021 has been postponed due to the novel COVID-19 outbreak. The National Testing Agency will give the next update once the lockdown is lifted.

If you wish to check the complete exam details such as important dates, eligibility and admit card, click here.

Okay, guys, this is quite a comprehensive article and I hope you will follow every bit of it to clear the exam.

Well, the UGC-NET exam can be cracked through self-study if you showcase proper intent.

If you have any query regarding how to crack UGC NET 2021, feel free to comment.

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